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Felicidades - Blue Parakeet


Felicidades! Celebrate with a Feathery Fiesta: Eco-Friendly Bird Wedding Card in Spanish!

Surprise your loved ones with a fiesta of feathered fun with our Felicidades Blue Parakeet Wedding Card! This adorable, eco-conscious greeting bursts with vibrant colors and the playful charm of a blue parakeet, guaranteed to put a sonrisa on anyone's face.

This card is crafted with 75% post-consumer pulp and 25% hemp, making it as kind to the planet as it is to the happy couple. We've banished nasty dyes and bleaches, opting for archival quality that's acid-free and chlorine-free – so your well-wishes last a lifetime.

You can make this Blue Parakeet Wedding Card a fiesta of feelings with custom text on the front or inside. Add a heartfelt message, a witty quip, or even a cheeky poem – the possibilities are as endless as the parakeet's chirps!

More than a card, it's a statement. Show you care about the planet and the couple with this thoughtful gesture. They'll cherish your kind words and your commitment to sustainability, making this card a gift that keeps on giving.

So, spread your wings and let the good vibes fly! Order your Felicidades Blue Parakeet Card today and make a wedding wish that truly takes flight.

Product Specifications:

    • Ballpoint pens work best to sign the lightly coated finish. Test on a discrete area.
    • Includes 1 card and 1 envelope
    • Envelopes are of the same material, with a lower paperweight than the cards
    • Card and Envelope Packaged Size: 4.375 x 5.75 inches
    • Cards are blank inside, unless you choose to customize.
    • Please note that the envelope does not come with a liner.

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    Designed, printed and packaged in San Bruno, CA.

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