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At Hakuna Matata Vibes, we are passionate about creating unique greeting cards that bring joy and love to both senders and recipients.

Our main focus is to combine the beauty of design with sustainability and environmental care.



Well Hello, I'm Shafia Founder Of Hakuna Matata Vibes

Hakuna Matata Vibes is a Bay Area business born from resilience and fueled by passion. Despite facing adversity as a delivery driver during the pandemic, I turned a car accident into an opportunity to start my own business. Hakuna Matata Vibes grew from a childhood fascination with animal extinction and a deep concern for their well-being. My design inspiration comes from Milo, my pet pineapple green cheek conure, and is expanding to include all wildlife.

The pandemic deepened my understanding of the illegal wildlife trade, intensifying my commitment to raising awareness about wildlife conservation. Since fourth grade, when I first learned about wildlife extinction in the Amazon Rainforest, I vowed to make a difference, and this is where my journey begins..

At Hakuna Matata Vibes, we believe in the power of words and how a greeting card can convey deep emotion. That's why we strive to offer you greeting cards that are more than just pieces of paper. Our Eco Greeting Cards are made with recycled materials and undergo eco-friendly processes, so you can express your feelings while taking care of our planet.

Ecology is a fundamental part of our approach. We make efforts to minimize our environmental impact at every stage of production and distribution. We source materials within the U.S. and avoid the use of plastics in our packaging. Additionally, we partner with organizations dedicated to conservation and biodiversity to actively contribute to the protection of our natural ecosystem.

Our creative team consists of passionate designers who find inspiration in nature and the diverse cultures that surround us. We strive to capture the essence of diversity and the beauty of the world in each of our creations. Every greeting card is carefully designed and produced with attention to detail and a love for what we do.

From birthdays to anniversaries, graduations, and special occasions, our eco-friendly greeting cards convey authentic and meaningful messages. Our goal is to help you share moments of happiness and connection with your loved ones while taking steps to protect and preserve our planet.

Join us on our journey to spread joy and ecological awareness through our greeting cards. Explore our collection and discover the magic of sending a card that is good for both the heart and the planet.

"Heartfelt greeting cards that warm the soul and protect the Earth."

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Our Philosophy


Hakuna Matata Vibes founder Shafia Nisa is on a mission to lead a movement of appreciation and respect for birds through business. What started out as a series of unfortunate events, has turned into a vision to hire a team of researchers and work with multiple nonprofits to fight against the $10 BILLION DOLLAR illegal wildlife trade.


Hakuna Matata Vibes has a mission to raise awareness about the importance of parrot conservation efforts through unique eco-friendly customizable bird themed greeting cards. We aim to show how businesses can lead environmental change by making an impact at the local, national, and international level. We hope to accomplish our mission using a comprehensive approach through education, research, and awareness. We believe in aiming high because there is no time to lose. More and more wildlife species are going extinct as the days go by and we need change to happen NOW. We thank you for your support in this journey.


Sustainability is at the forefront of all decision-making within our company. We constantly strive to integrate any environmental, economic, and social issues into our business operations as best we can. We understand no one is perfect so we ask for grace throughout our journey as a sustainable business.