Ecotourism and Human Rights Advocacy

We stand at a pivotal moment in history—a moment that calls upon us to unite, to uplift, and to advocate for human rights in a world marred by conflict and oppression. This is the vision of our ecolodge—a vision that embodies the transformative power of ecotourism and the boundless potential of human connection.

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Wooden sign with 'Ecotourism' in green letters, with a background of mountains and tall grass, indicating a location dedicated to ecotourism

From the corridors of power in the United States to the streets of Palestine, from the boardrooms of corporate giants to the battlegrounds of social media, the struggle for justice and equality rages on.

We are VERY aware of the realities of the world we live in. It never leaves our mind.

The genocide and ethnic cleansing in Palestine and Congo, to name just a few. Censorship of Pro-Palestinian people. The abrupt sale of TikTok due to the power of young people. Child labor for corporate greed by Google, Microsoft, Dell, Apple, and Tesla. Boeing whistleblower John Barnett found dead after sharing about unsafe quality control practices. And then we have the U-nited States. Our tax dollars being used to fund genocide instead of free education, free healthcare, the list goes on.

A collage featuring the Dome of the Rock, social media logos, an oil spill, a hand with the Congo flag, the Baltimore bridge, a TV with a brain being washed, a map of Rwanda, and an oil rig

That awareness and insight is what drives us every day. We hope to take that energy and turn it into something remarkable and inspiring. Understanding suffering allows us to rethink how we genuinely desire people to experience emotions and live life.

How Ecotourism and Human Rights Advocacy Can Merge

  • Community Empowerment:
    • Provide economic opportunities
    • Promote rights to land, resources, and cultural preservation
  • Environmental Conservation:
    • Human rights are closely intertwined with environmental conservation.
    • Ecotourism initiatives focused on:
      • Preserving natural habitats
      • Protecting wildlife
      • Mitigating the impacts of climate change
  • Indigenous Rights:
    • Many ecotourism sites are located on lands traditionally inhabited by indigenous communities.
    • Respecting and upholding the rights of indigenous peoples to:
      • Self-determination
      • Land ownership
      • Cultural preservation
    • Engaging with indigenous communities as partners to ensure they benefit equitably from ecotourism activities
  • Education and Awareness:
    • Provide opportunities for cultural exchange and education
    • Tourists who participate in ecotourism experiences often gain insights into local cultures, environmental challenges, and social justice issues, leading to increased awareness and support for human rights causes.
  • Policy Advocacy:
    • Ecotourism organizations and stakeholders can advocate for:
      • Policies and regulations that advocate for human rights
      • Promote eco-conscious tourism practices
      • Safeguard the environment

Ethical Transformation

Picture this: nestled amidst a stunning backdrop of mountains stands an ecolodge that inspires awe and reverence for the natural world.

Open room with two beds overlooking mountain landscape surrounded by trees

As you approach the ecolodge, you’ll feel a sense of tranquility wash over you—elevating your senses and uplifting your spirit. Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by the soothing sounds of nature and the gentle warmth of hospitality. Removing your shoes, you’ll step into a space that feels both familiar and exotic—a space where the line between indoors and outdoors blurs seamlessly. Here, nourishing your body and soul is not just a luxury—it’s a way of life.

A pair of brown sandals next to a stone block with the words "Please out off your shoes here" written on it

But it’s not just the physical environment that fosters soulful elevation here—it’s the ethos of mindfulness and ethical exploration that infuses every aspect of your experience. Our locally inspired cuisine, prepared with seasonal ingredients and served with a side of social responsibility, nourishes both your body and soul. Guided nature walks, meditation sessions and ethical discussions offer opportunities for you to deepen your connection to the natural world and explore the moral dimensions of ecotourism

A collage of potential dishes Anifa's Ecolodge may offer including a large pot of stew with vegetables and meat, a fresh salad with tomatoes and greens, small plates of appetizers, soups, and desserts, as well as a cup of Filipino hot chocolate and fresh avocado and tomatoes on the side

Soulful elevation is not just a goal—it’s the way of life for an ecotourist. Here, amidst the grandeur of nature, you’re invited to elevate your consciousness, expand your moral compass, and embrace a deeper sense of purpose and connection.

Empowering Communities: Positive Change in Ecotourism

Our vision extends far beyond the physical comforts of ecotourism. It is rooted in a deep commitment to uplifting local communities, empowering them to take control of their ecosystems and resources. Each guest who passes through our doors becomes a partner in this journey—a steward of the land and a force for positive change.

A road surrounded by tall trees on a sunny day with blue skies


While we are committed to our ecolodge vision, we acknowledge that unforeseen challenges may arise. We will inform our supporters of any changes or obstacles on our GoFundMe page.

Your Support Fuels Eco-Change

If you’ve read this far, we want to extend our deepest gratitude to you. Your willingness to share in our vision means more to us than words can express. Your support, whether through donation, words of encouragement, or sharing our vision with others, is invaluable. 

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Peace and blessings,


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